Gourmet india restaurant san diego ca sucks and has attitude

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I guess you have a lot of business and don't need any more.And I don't think you have the attitude to run hospitality and service industry.

What you did today was very unprofessional and not courteous to the point of being rude. You have always been obstructive in taking our business and have tried to put a spoke in the wheel for us not to come to you. It was really unprofessional of you today when you had our fax a few days ago you could have called us and told us that a 3rd party credit card is taken only subject to these conditions and not holding me at ransom a few minutes before the guests are arriving or food is being picked up. I am sure you do this to all your clients who order online or over the phone right ???

or is it just that you don't trust Indians??

For merely $100..And you also tried to overcharge me by saying takeout price is more than buffet and meat is more expensive than veg – what a joke –I guess you haven't visited Mc Donald's

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